Useful Links for People With Diabetes

The links below are places you can go to learn more about diabetes care. These places can help you connect with support groups whose members share your issues and concerns about diabetes.


Additional resources available from Novo Nordisk:


Get 24/7 access to an online diabetes support program designed to help you manage your diabetes, your way.


Other helpful links:

American Association of Diabetes Educators

An organization of health care providers who help educate those who are living with diabetes.


American Diabetes Association

A resource center for Americans with diabetes.


Children with DIABETES®

An online community for children, families, and adults living with diabetes.


The College Diabetes Network

Information for young adults and their parents about all things related to college.


Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International

An organization whose mission it is to search for ways to prevent, better treat, and ultimately cure type 1 diabetes. 


Insulin Pumpers

An Internet resource for those who take insulin with a pump.

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