NovoLog® Fact Sheet Library


Diabetes 101 Brochure
An easy-to-understand guide that answers many questions about managing diabetes, including how to take (or give) insulin. 

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NovoLog® Patient Brochure
An easy-to-read, printable brochure all about treatment with NovoLog®. You can even customize the brochure to include just the information you want to see.

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Log Sheet
This helpful log sheet helps you keep track of blood sugar on a daily basis.

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Hypo Help Sheet
Hypoglycemia is a concern for people with diabetes and their families. This useful reference sheet explains what causes hypoglycemia, common symptoms, and ways to quickly treat it.

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Reading a Nutrition Facts Label
Almost all foods that come in packages have a Nutrition Facts label. Learn to read them and those labels can tell you just about everything you need to know to make healthy food choices.

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Foot care for people with diabetes
People with diabetes have to take special care of their feet. Learn the steps to proper foot care with this helpful fact sheet.

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In Case of Emergency Checklist 
A form that lists the primary contact information for people with diabetes. 

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