Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes 

Growing up and taking charge of your own life can be fun and exciting. This is the time you may be leaving home for school or work, and becoming more independent. And part of this independence will involve taking a bigger role in your diabetes care. 


Here are a few things you should start to be able to do on your own:

  • Filling your prescriptions and ordering supplies before they run out
  • Taking medicine on your own
  • Paying for medicine and supplies or arranging for payment to be made
  • Adjusting your insulin dose based on your eating, activity, and blood sugar levels
  • Making appointments with your diabetes care team
  • Asking your diabetes care team questions
  • Explaining to your care team how you’ve been feeling


Headed off to college?

You can prepare for proper care during your first few weeks at school. Learn how by clicking here.


Dating with diabetes

You should be able to spend a date enjoying the company of the person you’re with, not worrying about your blood sugar. With a few simple preparations, you can! 

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before and during your date. Click here to learn more.


Keep family and friends in the loop

You’re becoming more independent and taking over your own diabetes care, and that’s great! But keep in mind, your diabetes care team and your family can still help a lot. Keep them in the loop with how your blood sugar is doing and how you’re feeling.  

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