Teens With Type 1 Diabetes 

As teenagers gear up to take a bigger part in their own health, they will naturally be managing their diabetes more. Here are a few tips for teens, and parents, who are growing into this new role.


Keep talking

If you’re living with type 1 diabetes, talk to your mom, dad, or care partner about how it makes you feel. They may have advice that can help. And if you’re the parent of a teen with diabetes, hear them out and try to understand the pressures they face. You may not be able to solve all their problems right away. But just listening is a great first step. 

Click here for tips on how to handle some of the more common pressures that come with diabetes. 



It may be hard for teens when they have friends who do not understand diabetes. Teens should be able to explain diabetes to their friends without fear of teasing. Choosing friends who offer understanding and support is important. It may also be helpful for teens to meet new friends who have diabetes too. 

Clinics and hospitals often have support groups for teens with diabetes. There are also summer camps for teens who have diabetes.


Family support

Teens may not always say it, but they do look for support from the rest of the family. It may be helpful for the entire family to choose to eat healthy foods. It may also be helpful for the whole family to be active together. This can help everyone be physically active, relax, and lower stress. Remember, things that are healthy for people with diabetes are also healthy for everyone.

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