Caring for a School-Age Child With Type 1 Diabetes 

School-Age Children with Type 1 Diabetes

It is important to remember that life for kids with diabetes is more than just their diabetes. Kids with diabetes can still go to school, play with their friends, and do activities just like any other child.

Hopefully, your child is getting used to the extra little chores that come with diabetes, like checking blood sugar and taking insulin. And hopefully, you’re relaxing a little more as a parent. 


Talking about diabetes helps

It is okay for children to have bad feelings about their diabetes from time to time. Mom and dad, try to get your child to open up to you when they feel mad or sad. Let them know that together, you can find ways to feel better.


Managing diabetes at school

When it comes to managing your child’s diabetes at school, the grown-ups there can be a big help. Most schools are familiar with handling diabetes. Let your child’s teacher and school nurse know that your child has diabetes. And make sure you drop off your child’s diabetes supplies at the nurse’s office. You may also want to download and print out this Low Blood Sugar Fact Sheet. Use it to review the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar with the school nurse.   

Aside from backpacks, pens, and notebooks, sending your child to school with a few other supplies may also be helpful:

  • A medical ID on a necklace, bracelet, or ankle bracelet
  • Kits for low blood sugar, with glucose tablets or juice boxes

Kids should have their diabetes supplies for class trips, sports activities, and school parties. Mom and dad, you'll want to talk to teachers and the school nurse before these kinds of events to help prepare.

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