NovoLog® Insulin Delivery Options

There  are many ways to take NovoLog®. You and your health care provider will choose the way that works best for you. Some people take their insulin injection using a vial and syringe or an insulin pump. But many people who take NovoLog® use an insulin pen called NovoLog® FlexPen®.

NovoLog® FlexPen®

NovoPen Echo® and PenFill® Cartridges  

NovoLog® in Insulin Pumps

NovoLog® in Vial and Syringe



NovoLog® FlexPen®

There are many reasons why NovoLog® FlexPen® is widely used. NovoLog® FlexPen® does not stand out the way an old-fashioned vial and syringe might. So most people who see you take out your FlexPen® probably won’t even know what it is. This may make you feel better using it in front of others in restaurants, at work, and even at home.

Your FlexPen® is prefilled with NovoLog® insulin. And, it’s ready to use in just a few steps. Simply dial the exact amount of insulin you need and inject by pressing a button. View NovoLog® FlexPen® instructions online or download a printable patient brochure.

NovoLog® FlexPen® fits in a pocket or purse and is:

  • Prefilled with 300 units of NovoLog® fast-acting insulin analog
  • Able to deliver from 1 to 60 units of insulin
  • Adjustable in 1-unit dosing amounts
  • Proven accurate
  • Ready to go! Once in use, it can be used for up to 28 days without refrigeration. To view full storage details, click here.

NovoLog® FlexPen® lasts up to 28 days without refrigeration after first use, so it can be taken almost anywhere. Once in use, NovoLog® FlexPen® must be kept at room temperature, below 86°F.

NovoLog® FlexPen® is disposable, so there is no refilling. When you run out of insulin, throw out your old FlexPen® and start fresh with a new one.

Each NovoLog® FlexPen® package has 5 disposable insulin pens, for a total of 1500 units of NovoLog® insulin.


Saving on NovoLog® FlexPen®

NovoLog® FlexPen® is covered by most health care and Medicare prescription plans. You can get NovoLog® FlexPen® for about the same co-pay as vial and syringe on most plans.

NovoLog® is also available in: 

  • 3-mL PenFill® cartridges (for use with NovoPen Echo®)
  • 10-mL vials
NovoPen Echo®

NovoPen Echo®

NovoPen Echo® is a great choice for kids, teens, and even adults who are aiming for tighter blood sugar control. It is the first and only insulin pen that provides half-unit dosing and a memory function that records the dose and time passed since the last injection.

By giving you precise half-unit dosing it allows you to fine tune the insulin dose for the smallest of children (who are at least 2 years of age) and those who require smaller insulin doses. The memory function can give parents, school staff, and other care partners extra reassurance about the amount of the last dose given, especially if someone else gave it.

Accurate at every dose

In a study, NovoPen Echo® was shown not only to be sturdy, standing up to real-world wear and tear, but also still accurate at every dose.

aAfter the dose counter returns to zero, wait and count slowly to 6 before removing the needle from the skin.


The advantages of NovoPen Echo®

Half-unit dosing

  • Fine-tune your dose from 0.5 units up to 30 units for precise dosing that works with even a small snack

Memory function

  • Automatically records the last dose and time since your last injection

Dials the exact dose

  • You can dial your dose up and down
    • The dose button can turn backward and forward to help you choose the right dose without wasting insulin
  • You'll know when to change the cartridge because NovoPen Echo® doesn't allow you to dial more units than are left
  • You may hear or feel an end-of-dose clickb

Short button travel

  • Reduces injection movement

bAfter the dose counter returns to zero, the needle needs to be left in the skin for 6 seconds for the dose to be delivered.


Ready-to-change PenFill® Cartridgec

NovoPen Echo® is for use  with NovoLog® 3-ml (300unit) PenFill® cartridges.


NovoPen Echo® Instructions For Use Video
(7:12 min.)

Learn more about NovoPen Echo®, the first and only insulin pen with both half-unit dosing and a memory function.

cPenFill® cartridges are sold separately.

NovoLog® in Insulin Pumps

Many people with diabetes use an insulin pump. This small, battery-operated device delivers small doses of NovoLog® throughout the day (your basal rate) and allows you to give yourself  additional doses of NovoLog® when you eat (bolus). It is about the size of a small cell phone. It can be clipped to your belt,  waistband, or carried in your pocket.

View detailed instructions on using a pump

NovoLog® in a pump offers

  • Heat stability. NovoLog® maintains heat stability in pumps at normal body temperatures (up to 98.6°F). Insulin exposed to temperatures higher than 98.6°F should be discarded
  • Low rate of clogs (also called occlusions). NovoLog® in a pump has been shown to have a low rate of occlusions
  • Time in reservoir. NovoLog® can be stored in the pump reservoir for up to 6 days before being changed
  • Infusion set. The infusion set and infusion set insertion site can remain in place for up to 3 days before being changed
  • NovoLog® in the pump reservoir should be discarded after at least every 6 days of use or after exposure to temperatures that exceed 98.6°F
NovoLog® in Vial and Syringe

NovoLog® is available in a 10-mL vial, 100 units/mL (U-100) of NovoLog®.

View detailed instructions on using a vial and syringe.


There is a difference between insulin pen needles. NovoFine® Plus is one of the needles that you can use with your FlexPen® and NovoPen Echo® insulin pens. This 32G 4 mm needle is the shortest and thinnest needle available from Novo Nordisk.

Why NovoFine® Plus for your NovoLog® FlexPen®?

Because NovoFine® Plus offers the important features and benefits:

  • Ultra-short and ultra-thin—Novo Nordisk’s shortest and thinnest needle available
  • SuperFlowTM Technology—Designed to enhance flow rates and reduce dosage force
  • Universal—Fits all currently available insulin pens
  • Ultra-strong—Designed to resist bending or breaking

For more on NovoFine® Plus, click here.

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