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NovoLog® mealtime insulin is covered by most health insurance and Medicare plans.a If you and your diabetes care team are thinking about starting NovoLog®, contact your insurance company to learn more about your coverage. Or check out our Co-pay Calculator. 


Sign Up for Cornerstones4Care® and Save

Sign up for Cornerstones4Care® to receive an Instant Savings Card. Eligible commercially insured patients can use it to:

  • Pay no more than $25 a fill up to 2 years (maximum savings up to $100 per fill) when you start NovoLog®
  • Pay no more than $20 a fill up to 2 years (maximum savings up to $100 per fill) for select other Novo Nordisk products

And you can get a free box of Novo Nordisk needlesb when you activate your card and enroll in the program. 


Eligibility and other restrictions apply. Offer valid for select Novo Nordisk products. Offer not valid for patients enrolled in any government, state, or federally funded medical or prescription benefit program, including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DOD, and TriCare. Offer is valid for a maximum of 24 refills per product over 2 years. Complete details are provided with the card. For more details, click here.

Join Cornerstones4Care® today and save! 

If you need assistance with prescription drug costs, help may be available. Click here to find out more. 


aFormulary data are provided by Fingertip Formulary® and are current as of January 2015. Because formularies do change and many health plans offer more than one  formulary, please check directly with the health plan to confirm coverage.
bNeedles are sold separately and may require a prescription in some states.

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